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12 June 2008 @ 01:24 pm

 Uh so, so much for fun free single summer.

Carmine totally asked me out, and I said yes.

Uh, and yeah, we're in love?

Like he said it. He was like - Im so completely in love with you, and omg he meant it and I cried and there was muuusiiiiic (literally - it was on in the car that we were slow dancing outside of on a football field OMG I KNORITE?)

More details laterrrr promise. BUT NO ONE KNOWS. Tush is gonna kill me so im not telling anyone.

30 October 2006 @ 10:42 pm
I dont want our community to diiiiie either ;o;

Work is making me majorly sadface too, and its hogging up time I get to talk to you and Ricky and everyone, and Im all uuuber stressed and pissed lately.

And I called my district manager because apparently we close a lot later during the holidays and thats when I have finals and I cant close the store and leave at 11 to have to be up at 6 the next day so I was all WAHWAH I CANT DO THAT...OHWELL HAVETOQUIT. But my manager was all "YOU HAVE TO DISCUSS YOUR SCHEDULE WITH THE DISTRICT MANAGER" and so I called her (because I like her better than my manager anyways) and I dont know what she said to my manager but now my manager is like, bending over backwards to kiss my ass and make me stay, and yeah the paychecks are freaking SWEET (dude, like 520 every 2 weeks <3333) But like, I dont think that the stress is worth it and I dont know if it can all fit in and i want to just not go in all the time, but I cant, and the assistant, who is the only one that keeps me sane, is leaving and that makes me emotear too.

But student government and school is going fantastically.  I lovelovelove everyone in SGA and we have a myspace HAHA and Im supposed to be making it all SUPERSWEET, but I suck with layouts so I was going to ask you where I can find basic coding stuff, but then I never see you online and wahwah, and uhm. Yeah, everyone in SGA is awesome. One guy does this killer Arnold impression and its hysterical and you;d love it, 

Oh and we hired this girl at work who looks kinda like you and it made me more emo that I havent talked to you in awhile.

And I cut my finger on Saturday on a piece of metal and i think that a piece is stuck in there because its all irritated. Like it doesnt like HURTOWPAIN but its like, tender? EW it was bleeding and shit too and my manager was all IDONTCARE, and Iwas all BLOODONYOURCLOTHES

OHMYGOD AND CLOTHES, Im in love with hydrolic jeans because they fit all good, but they're so damn expensive (40 bucks a pop regular price. I get 30 percent all the time though and 40 once a month). Andand, I cant find brown boots that I like so I decided tobuy skinny jeans and brown legwarmers and wear the legwarmers over the jeans since theyre a yellowish wash and would look betterwith brown boots then my black ones, andsoyuh. ANDAND I GOT THIS REALLYCOOL wool but SUPERSOFT LIKE CHENILLE SOFT poncho type thingy that looks like something your grandma would knit and it was only 20 bucks but I got 30 percent off on it and Im like SQUEEEE and I got a new brown sweater thats super tight and warm and yey.

AND GAIA HALLOWEEN IS FULL OF WIN, though Ill be working tomorrow night. I was going to dress upfor work but I dont have a costume thats work appropriate. Poosticks.

Anduhm, I missyoulikewoah so CALLME WHEN YOU GET ONLINE